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For all of those who want to know how to write text correction online a research paper for sale, I’ll provide you three quick tips which will assist you. First, you must select the subject wisely. It is essential that you pick a topic based on what you want to know more about studying

Research Paper Services – Things to Search For in a Service Team

When I first started school, I didn’t have a clue what to do if I needed a research paper support. I was oblivious. What I had was just the fundamentals: good research tools, some basic research skills, and punctuation checker enough time to complete the assignment. But my study skills were so

Why Dating Sucks

Six explanations Dating Sucks and we also’re Officially fed up with It Sorry to-burst your own proverbial ripple, but it is time for you to create one particular grandiose statements that can simply be made online off concern to be pummeled merciless by irritated events in disagreement: online dating screwing sucks. Prior to the causing […]

Cardly™ aids Translate your ideas Into a Beautifully Handwritten Note to a family member

The Scoop: whenever existence will get hectic, folks typically lack for you personally to perform the washing, significantly less sit to handwrite a heartfelt note and deliver it to some body they love. This is why Cardly created a manner for individuals to deliver that variety of personal communication with the help of innovation. Cardly people […]

Top 6 greatest Mail Order Bride web sites in 2019

Mail order brides seem like a scam, but in the 21st 100 years, it really is thoroughly feasible that you might find a bride from around the globe making use of adult dating sites. It’s indeed 100 years of aspirations coming real. Perhaps you are suspicious about that way of meeting the next companion – […]

The Research Of Monogamy

The discussion about monogamy has-been long and strong. Some think that its unnatural for people to pledge by themselves to 1 individual for their whole life, and therefore we have to instead embrace open connections. Other people believe that picking monogamy awards, protects, and enhances a relationship with somebody who’s extremely important, hence the jealousy […]


Ард Даатгал ХК-ийн хувьцаа эзэмшигчдийн ээлжит хурал 2022 оны 4 сарын 30-ны өдөр 14.00 цагт Корпорэйт Конвеншн Центрт болох тул та бүхэн хувьцаа эзэмшигчдийн хуралдаа идэвхтэй оролцоно уу. Хувьцаа эзэмшигч та хурлын материалтай Энд дарж орж танилцана уу


Төлөөлөн Удирдах Зөвлөлийн 2022 оны 3 сарын 16-ны өдрийн 02/22 тоот тогтоолын Хавсралт №3     АРД ДААТГАЛ ХК-ИЙН ХУВЬЦАА ЭЗЭМШИГЧДИЙН АНХААРАЛД   Төлөөлөн Удирдах Зөвлөлийн 2022 оны 3 сарын 16-ны өдрийн 02/22 тоот тогтоолын дагуу Хувьцаа эзэмшигчдийн ээлжит хурал хуралдах тухай зарлаж байна.   Хурал хуралдуулах газар, өдөр, цаг: 2022 оны 4 сарын 30-ны […]

2021 оны Аудитлагдсан Тайлан

Ард Даатгал ХК ногдол ашиг хуваарилахаар боллоо

Ард Даатгал ХК-ийн Төлөөлөн Удирдах Зөвлөлийн 2022 оны 2 сарын 16-ны өдрийн тогтоолоор компанийн 2021 оны цэвэр ашгаас нийт 1 тэрбум төгрөг буюу нэгж хувьцаанд ногдох ногдол ашгийн хэмжээ 40 төгрөгөөр тооцон хувьцаа эзэмшигчдэд хуваарилахаар шийдвэрлэлээ. Мөн ногдол ашиг олгох бүртгэлийн өдрийг Хувьцаа эзэмшигчдийн хурлын бүртгэлийн өдрөөр байхаар тогтсон байна.   Ард Даатгал ХК-ийн хувьд […]

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